Saturday, September 8, 2012


Hello world!  This is my first blog, but I have something that I just wanted to share with the whole world!

I have been personally affected by the disease we call cancer.  I do not know a single person who has not been affected by this plague that seems to be getting more and more common in our world.

A friend of mine introduced me to a company named Bio Path Holdings ( that is working out of the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX (see and doing some amazing research regarding the delivery of cancer-fighting drugs that makes it so the drugs only affect the cancer cells in the body, and they can deliver these drugs without side effects.  They have been working on this technology for over ten years now and they are currently testing with leukemia patients with great success.

What thrills me the most about this company is that they are researching and now testing what may be the very best cancer treatment delivery system ever in history.  This new drug has the possibility of wiping out any and every kind of cancer and making the treatments non-toxic!  For those of us that have witnessed our loved ones going through chemotherapy or radiation treatments and the terrible side-effects that they have to endure, this is the greatest miracle of all.

I will be watching this company closely and reading more about it as time progresses.  I would love to have those of you who understand more of the chemistry they talk about to review what they do and help me understand it better from a amateur standpoint.  I also invite you to tell your friends to look at this company and become more educated regarding this new technology which may prove to be the greatest hope in our race for the cure that we all dream of.

As I do more of my own research, I will share it here for all to see.


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